The Office – The Story of Success

For 50 years during the quest for excellence in the quality of our work, Roberto Chiminazzo Law Firm became, in 1997, ROBERTO CHIMINAZZO ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS, a law firm working in the main areas of public and private law, attending to both companies and individuals.

Due to our tragic loss, with the passing away of Dr. Roberto Chiminazzo, who gave his name to our firm, we were forced to change the name to conform to OAB regulations. As from now, we are Chiminazzo, Moreira Neto and Báus Advogados Associados.

We changed the name, but we still carry on with the mission of maintaining the example of dignity and ethics that was left to us by the one who, like few others, so well represented the professionalism of the lawyers in Campinas.

The clients of the firm are, among the individuals and companies, associations of public servants, cooperatives, hospitals, telecommunications companies, passenger and cargo transportation, shopping centers, malls, financial corporations, real estate and construction companies and entrepreneurs.

The effectiveness of our team, always updated and allied to legal ethics, allows us to offer the best results on the market, producing a varied group of clients who know our work well and trust in it.

Mission and Values

We aim to collaborate with the growth of the education in and carrying out of justice, where our qualified professionals analyze the preventive and contentious cases. We respect the wishes and value the service to our clients, seeking to offer quick results and conserving the interests of each one.

We act objectively, with full and effective solutions. We have as basic values ​​the quest for the highest quality in each job performed, as well as the ethical and judicial relationship with the partners and even with adversaries in the most diverse disputes.